Jmorph Youth Lifeline Foundation (JYLF) is a dream and vision of Mr. Jojo.K.Joseph, a go getter and passionate entrepreneur from his fledging days, who had begun visualizing the need, to give birth to a savior in oneself to protect the future of each citizen of India especially the “youth – the leaders of tomorrow” by simply helping each other in all aspects of life considering both, the privileged and unprivileged souls around the world.“ Buying Happiness” is never an impossible task according to him and through his venture “JYLF”.




What is this Power of 10?

Power of 10 is a campaign where anyone can donate as less as Rs 10/- to Jmorph Youth Lifeline Foundation and become a member for a cause.


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We appreciate your interest in joiningJYLF as volunteer. As a JYLF volunteer you will be entitled


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There are many ways to give to JYLF, donations and gifts are the first steps to support JYLF.

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Happenings @ JYLF


LIVE - A planet of will power, happiness, entertainment and belonging for all fighters and survivors of odd infirmities, is a concept and vision of JYLF Foundation based in Bangalore. Comprising a team of dynamic and passionate survivors of life in their own ways and a concerted effort ...

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