To generate a strong youth wing to help every individual for a better future
To generate strong tie ups for positive betterment of privileged and unprivileged members and non members
To reduce poverty and beggars in each state
To generate more employment
To help an individuals education or urgent  monetary requirements
To create angel sponsors for the needy
To develop a clean environment
To eradicate greed for money, power and fame
To develop socially responsible events for a good cause
To channelize the energy, talent, ideas and vision of youth through one channel / medium
To increase safety for youth both women and men
To bring happiness to old age homes, patients at hospitals, orphanage, NGO’S, schools, colleges through JYLF members
To create the largest youth manpower that will cater to a large requirement for both private and government associations
To create a better platform to showcase talent, allowing youth to help each other and make everyone responsible
To eradicate corruption, ill treatment, injustice to the middlemen and power and money deprived individuals
To develop a better health and environment conscience in every youth
To build homes for the poor, to educate and train the needy, to increase employment manpower
Reduce Parental burden to maximum minimum extend of the needy

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