We take pride and honor in introducing and taking our Personality Development Training Program and concept,  "PERSONERA INTERNATIONAL" initiated under the deputized tag of Jmorph Inc. founded by Mr.Jojo.K.Joseph & currently re-launched as an unit of Jmorph Youth Lifeline Foundation to the next level, which has been allowing us to help all classes of individuals to overcome their fear of facing the real world scenario, especially after graduation and during the transition of their school to college and college to professional life.

"We have value added the course with social awareness and social responsibility phenomenon."

 "EDUCATION FOR THE BELOW POVERTY LINE" : Where 80% of funds coming in through our training program will be channelized to sponsor children of under privileged for their education and welfare.

Our customized training modules depending on the need and target students and the station of the institution, enables us to get a step closer to understanding each individual & their aspirations and resulting a 100% success result oriented program.

Each student once registers for Personera International, becomes a member of Jmorph Youth Lifeline Foundation and creates a space for him/her through us to render in his/her own way what best is possible by each individual and allows us to inculcate in them a practice of Individual Social Responsibility.

Personera: Personality & Skill Development Program 

It moreover aims at extracting and revitalizing the true talents and skills in individuals, who are chained by the shackles of stress and fear, lack of motivation and confidence, lack of opportunities and above all fear of communication and the apprehension of being criticized in & by the society, through our Personality Development Program as well.

Personera International which is a vision of Mr. Jojo K Joseph (President, JYLF) and has been elected as the Karnataka State President for Human Rights Committee, India aims in motivating each and every individual around the world to achieve their dreams within the reality sphere of every individual’s life.

“JMORPH doesn’t do different things. It does things differently.” 


Jmorph Inc. will be the leader in managing and training corporates, students, handling business events, focusing on the needs of our clients becoming the human linkage between the clients and their desired expectations. The primary objectives of the corporation are:

• To provide an event that will be remembered as a "unique experience".

• To provide the necessary expertise in managing the client's program from initial concept to completion of the event.

• To maintain a consistent, high level of service.

• To be fair, honest and ethical in all dealings with our employees, clients and suppliers.

• To create a large network of leaders.


We foresee JMORPH as a brand both at business and CSR foreground to be the sole communicator and association, which would facilitate every citizen around the world, irrespective of their status, to compete globally and position themselves high, as eminent personalities dazzling their potentials in their own optimistic routes and allow us to cater to their needs.

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