Jmorph Youth Lifeline Foundation (JYLF) will be a non – profit organization, a sister concern of Jmorph Inc. and an identity of its volunteer members from all ages especially the youth of India forming a socially responsible team for the youth of its nation and the poor and needy caring for each other within JYLF firstly (the members) and then the non - members, both privileged and unprivileged that will research the needs and wants, security and safety measures required for the poor and needy and the youth and its future, helping society in every way possible and making sure the message is conveyed to the respective authorities in each of its nation to get the rights of youth implemented for a better future.

“JYLF is not a political party, but a pure social service association and identity of youth”

JYLF will not cater to the youth alone but also make themselves available for the poor, needy, victims of corruption, rape, physically and mentally challenged patients, hospitals, old age homes, schools, children, parents and government to render the support of youth in all aspects of a living.

President Speech

You can view the President Speech letter by clicking the download link below.

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