LIVE - A planet of will power, hapiness, entertainment and belonging for all fighters and survivors of odd infirmities, is a concept and vision of JYLF Foundation based in Bangalore, Karnataka in 2014, registered in the Section 20 of Indian Trust Act, 1882 and Section 13 of the ITA 1961 of the Government of India functioning pan India.

Comprising a team of dynamic and passionate survivors of life in their own ways and a concerted effort by a diverse group of individuals like oncologists, physicians, counselors, social workers, sportsmen, celebrities, medical and non-medical advisory members and volunteers, JYLF team foresees to devise and strategic plans and implications to evolve a planet of hope and an environment to live a second chance, helping each of our citizens to become survivors of all odds of life especially for the underprivileged, patients suffering from incurable ailments and physically and mentally challenged individuals.

"Cancer will be on top of the list concern for us," states the secretary of JYLF Mrs. Shilpa K Jojo as she explains, that all cancer patients succumb to the trauma only because of the society and lack of awareness and education of preventive methods via check ups, when there is actually true hope and a monetary support and a dedicated team of oncologists and well wishers and initiators.

"If a normal human can party, can be well groomed, have best friends, have all kinds of entertainment, have a weekend trip, have best of the best dinner party at the best of the best hotels, can be educated in an institution, can play any sport ... then why is it not possible to create a planet of happiness and energy even for the diseased? Is it their fault?", asks, President Jojo K Joseph.


  • Partnering with all major private and government hospitals for thorough research and support and identifying our citizens of planet LIVE.
  • Developing the largest network of youth volunteers from both medical and non medical fields to help reduce the incidence of such ailments with their contribution in the respective arenas of expertise.
  • Developing a planet and lifestyle of our own with prime values such as will power, hope, happiness and success of a survivor.
  • Tying up with all possible media, non media, social networking and entertainment and hospitality entities to allow us and our citizens a space among them after prior precautions considering every possible limitation.
  • Activating substantial screening programs, awareness programs, tours, entertainment shows, fund raisers, educational workshops and health summits.


Through LIVE we foresee to become the ultimate resort of happiness rejuvenating the values of love, hope and happiness bonding mankind once again beyond the ambitions of power and money by constructing and developing:

  • Houses and hospitals of planet LIVE
  • Prevention and awareness centers for LIVE members and citizens
  • Educational institutes by and for LIVE members and citizens
  • A pool of talent and skills among the citizens of planet LIVE
  • Entertainment and tour packages for our citizens

Target Venues:

Private and Government hospitals
Old age homes
Rehabilitation centers
NGO's & NPO's

Target citizens of LIVE planet:

Through LIVE we foresee not to just cure but avoid the incidence of such ailments and prevent it, create awareness, provide guidance through and by concerned doctors and diagnosis and create regular health check ups.


Other Implications:

Check on reduction of poverty line
Setting up Skill Development Centers
Activating right utilization of CSR funds
Activating government funds for the apt projects
Clean Nation campaigns
Implementation of proper road system
Raising the standards of our police squads and public servants
Education for the poor

Becoming a JYLF Member:

Will play an active role in deciding organizational goals
Membership is limited and is extended to individuals who meet the criterion set forth by its governing body.
Doctors, Physicians, Paramedical Staff, Technologists, Counselors, Advocates, Bureaucrats and others who have public health orientation and well wishers can become our members.

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